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September 13, 2024


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Experience a festival of fandom like never before in Funko Fusion!

Play through iconic worlds and mashup characters inspired by some of your favorite franchises in an action-adventure game with uniquely authentic, irreverent humor from the creative minds of 10:10 Games.

Express your fandom with 60+ unique playable characters from more than 20 fan-favorite franchises, all lovingly recreated in Funko Pop! form. Explore incredible worlds inspired by Jurassic World, Back to the Future, JAWS, The Thing, Chucky, Battlestar Galactica, Hot Fuzz, The Umbrella Academy, Masters of the Universe, Invincible, and many more!

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2 bonus playable characters

rick funko character defaultRick Grimes
michone funko character defaultMichonne
September 13, 2024

Pre-order to receive TWD logo.png pack

2 bonus outfits
rick funko character leaderRick Grimes (Leader)
michone funko character travellerMichonne (traveler)
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Collectibles coming soon!

Funko Fusion Pop! collectibles are coming soon!

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